Our spiritual health acts as a catalyst to our quality of life.

We need artists who would restore people's thirst for spirituality.

"First Clapper" believes in taking large, purposeful steps toward the development of young artists' talents, as well as in requiring dedication and bravery of them in return.

"First Clapper" will allow them to make their first big jump and commence with the first take of their film debut – a project they will be remembered by.


"First Clapper" strives to act as a facilitator, helping new and extremely young artists to make their film debut and turning creative ideas into high-quality artistic products.

In order to achieve this goal, the creative potential of such ideas is to be protected with the utmost care and caution, and be further developed by a comprehensive team of experienced and technically competent experts who are currently employed in the film-making industry.

In "First Clapper", just as in the world of cinema, the flight of imagination meets gravity – in such a way that the two augment in unity to surprise audience.  


"First Clapper" is a personal cause – but I hope for it to turn into a common one for a wider community of supporters.

The cause is personal, since it has to do with a personal story.

In my youth, I purposefully steered my life away from the path of my career in film and theatre, taking into account practical considerations having to do with the quality of education career choices.

As fate would have it, my son is facing the challenge of this incomplete task as of today, under new circumstances and completely flat world. His passion is much stronger than mine, and I hope such will be his future – as well as the future of many other young artists in need of the right guidance at the right moment.  Read more >>

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