Едновременно в интернет и киносалоните напълно безплатно

"Shibil" is a cinematic project based on the short story of the same name by Yordan Yovkov. It presents us with an authentic and poetic story adapted by applying contemporary dramaturgical principles with view of better development of the characters climax lines and expanding the story breath.

The supporting characters and their well-developed personalities also help to bring the main themes of the story across, in addition to acting as catalysts for the storyline's climax.

Nature, as it was also intended in the original story by Yovkov, is represented by four distinct seasons, adding another aspect to the cinematographic code of the project. The scriptwriter's personal style is expressed through his choice of an unlikely narrator: Shibil's reflection, his companion and source of emotional support, whose identity we won't reveal just yet, in order not to spoil the surprise.

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