Обръщение на основателя – дълъг вариант


"First Clapper" is a personal cause – but I hope for it to turn into a common one for a wider community of supporters.

The cause is personal, since it has to do with a personal story.

In my youth, I purposefully steered my life away from the path of my career in film and theatre, taking into account practical considerations having to do with the quality of education career choices. 

As fate would have it, my son is facing the challenge of this incomplete task as of today, under new circumstances and completely flat world. His passion is much stronger than mine, and I hope such will be his future – as well as the future of many other young artists in need of the right guidance at the right moment.

Experience has led me to believe that children and young adults have the natural inclination to think large scale, outside of the limitations and conventions yet unfamiliar to them. Usually, it is us, the "experienced" adults, who stand in their way by insisting on closed-minded methods of education and narrow, restrictive career paths.

I already have under my belt two creative projects involving children and young adults who worked in direct collaboration with professionals from the theatre and circus. The artistic fruits of their labor were remarkable and achieved high acclaim both with the business partners who supported our projects financially and with the most important judge of our work– the audience. Our first project also won a prestigious award in its field.

I am currently embarking on a new venture based on the same principle – namely, the combination of young talent and experienced professionals applied with the aim of a common cinematic project. 

Central to this venture, once again, is the principle of "learning by doing", but in art category where the technical expertise for making such a project plays a much more important role for the quality of the end result.

This is why the process and methods we plan to apply when working on these projects would follow the best and most current practices in all spheres of this art – from the cinematography and technical equipment to the organization of film production process.

In my professional experience, I have come to realize the power of role models and the resilience of first impressions, and so every single one of the large community of professionals involved in this venture have plenty of experience, as well as high standards and an impeccable work ethic.

Our first project, the film "Shibil", will serve as a pilot and a litmus test to let us know whether First Clapper’s model is a sustainable one. Thus, the responsibility and financial risk remain solely on my side, but the success will be shared equally among all of us.

If successful, the launch of First Clapper in its entirety would provide a platform to facilitate the debuts of other young creators in addition to the considerable number of future debuts involved in "Shibil".

It is my hope that each new project would have creative value to return back the invested funds and attract new resources to be invested in the next one, and so on, for as long as it makes sense for the process to go on based on its value add and its returns.

Peter Bozadzhiev
and first supporter of "First Clapper"

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